OpenStack Tenant Deployment

Scope and Constraints

MobiledgeX only controls resource management within the scope of the MobiledgeX platform; VIM Operators have control over resource management beyond the platform. However, all changes must be done in coordination with MobiledgeX.

Operator Workflow

Step 1: Validate OpenStack Deployment

Step 2: Validate Network Configuration

Step 3: Provide Deployment Information to MobiledgeX

Step 4: Cloudlet Deployment (MobiledgeX Responsibility)

Step 5: Handover Testing

Operator Workflow Details

Step 1: Validate Openstack Deployment

The OpenStack environment and permissions need to be configured to meet or exceed the minimum requirements provided below.

OpenStack Version

  • Queens or Higher

OpenStack Services

  • Glance

  • Glance Image Cache (if supported)

  • Nova

  • Heat

  • Keystone

  • Neutron

  • Cinder

  • Ceilometer

OpenStack Required APIs

  • create stack (heat)

  • server list, create, delete, set properties

  • image list, save, create, delete

  • network list, create, delete

  • subnet list, create, delete

  • router create, delete, add and delete ports

  • flavor list, show, create

  • security group rule list and create

  • show limits

OpenStack Endpoint

Available to MobiledgeX Controller VM

Step 2: Validate Network Configuration

All virtual machines created as part of this deployment will require full access to the full complement of deployed virtual machines.

Step 3: Provide Deployment Information

The following should be provided for each VM that has been deployed.

  • Datacenter

  • VM Name

  • External IP

  • Internal IP

Step 4: Cloudlet Deployment (MobiledgeX Responsibility)

The MobiledgeX Dev-ops team will use the information above to deploy the cloudlet and confirm that it is communicating with all necessary services and working properly. During this process, MobiledgeX requests that the operator has a defined contact point in the event there are any issues with the deployed vm's, network, firewall, or any other issues.

Step 5: Handover Testing

Following the completion of the cloudlet deployment, the MobiledgeX Dev-ops team will run through the deployment test process to validate the configuration. Once this is complete, the customer will be able to deploy workloads to the cloudlet while the MobiledgeX support team monitors the deployment and management until both MobiledgeX and the Operator agree that the cloudlet is working properly.