Cloudlet Pools

Cloudlet pools are collections of cloudlets that are defined on a per-regional basis. As an Operator, you may set up a pool membership where only users within the organization associated with the cloudlet pool can access the cloudlets defined for that particular pool. Setting up a cloudlet pool is useful in cases where you need to segment your private (enterprise) cloudlets from your public cloudlets. Cloudlet pools may also be used to isolate cloudlets in the production phase of development and, therefore, will only be available for internal use. Here are some general guidelines to keep in mind when creating cloudlet pools.

  • As an Operator, you must own the cloudlets if you wish to add them to a cloudlet pool.

  • If a cloudlet is not part of a pool, it's considered a public cloudlet.

  • Cloudlets assigned to one or more pools are considered private cloudlets.

  • A cloudlet pool may be associated with one or more organizations, allowing users within that organization to access and use those cloudlets to deploy their applications.

  • Organizations not associated with a cloudlet pool will not see or have access to those cloudlets.

  • Targeted organizations that are associated to cloudlet pools may still deploy their applications to other public cloudlets, or to other private cloudlets from other organizations or pools.

To create a cloudlet pool

Step 1: Navigate to the Cloudlet Pools submenu, and click the + sign on the top right-hand corner of the screen. The Step 1 Create Cloudlet Pool screen opens.

Create Cloudlet Pool screen

Step 2: Specify a Region. Once specified, the Cloudlets selection box auto-populates with all available cloudlets for that region.

Step 3: Type in a name for the Pool Name.

The Operator field is required and will auto-populate with the name of the organization you are currently managing.

Step 4: From the Cloudlet selection box, highlight the cloudlet(s) and select the single arrow to add individual cloudlets and associate them to the cloudlet pool, or you can select the double arrows to select all available cloudlets at once to add them to the pool.

Create Cloudlet Pool screen: Add Cloudlets to the Pool

Step 5: Click Create. The Step 2 Add Organizations screen opens.

Step 6: RegionPool Name, and Operator fields will all auto-populate with the information specified during Step 1 Create Pool.

Step 7: From the Organizations selection box, highlight the organization(s) and use the right arrow to link the organization(s) to the cloudlet pool. You can add individual organizations or select the double arrows to link all available organizations on the list.

Create Cloudlet Pool screen: Link Organizations to Pool

Step 8: Click Link Organizations. The cloudlet pool is now created and available on the Cloudlets Pool page. You can access the Actions menu to Update the cloudlet pools, Link OrganizationUnlink Organization, or Delete the cloudlet pool entirely.

Cloudlets Pool screen