MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud Console

Learn how MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud Console can simplify deployments of cloudlets and offers tools to manage and monitor resources

MobiledgeX embraces a platform business model that lets Telco Operators offer their Telco network edge infrastructure to application developers in the form of an infrastructure agonistic multi-cloud platform. The MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud Console provides an enriched platform that Operators can use to deploy cloudlets within their network edge infrastructure for application developers to quickly deploy and run their edge applications, giving them access to compute resources available to fit the needs and demands of their applications.  With an easy-to-use console, Operators can manage their cloudlets using a self-service provisioning and policy control methodology, monitor developer application metrics, and leverage and collect metrics that help detect performance anomalies for remediation. To learn more about using the MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud Console for Operators, refer to the host of guides below.