Edge-Cloud Private Edge

MobiledgeX's Edge Cloud Platform provides a flexible architecture that offers telecommunication companies (Telcos) the opportunity to transform public edge cloudlets into private edge cloudlets. Private edge cloudlets allow enterprise customers private hosting by providing them with cloud resources dedicated for their use only.

Turning the onboarded cloudlet into a Private Edge Cloudlet is easy with MobiledgeX's Cloudlet Pool feature. Telcos may now segment their edge infrastructure into private (enterprise) cloudlets from public cloudlets by setting up a Cloudlet Pool with a Trust Policy for their end customers looking to migrate their low-latency mission-critical workloads. Cloudlet Pools with Trust Policies provide a more stringent security level within the designated environments while providing greater control over data governance and data locality.  

Cloudlet pools are collections of cloudlets defined on a per-regional basis. Operators may set up a pool membership where only users within the designated organization, within the cloudlet pool, can access the cloudlets defined for that particular pool.

Here is some guidance when creating cloudlet pools.

  • Operators must own the cloudlets they wish to add members to by creating the cloudlet pool.

  • If a cloudlet is not part of a pool, it is considered a public cloudlet.

  • Autoclusters are reserved only for private cloudlets, or members of the cloudletpool. Operators will not be able to see clusters or appinstances on public cloudlets.

  • Cloudlets assigned to one or more pools are private cloudlets.

  • A cloudlet pool may be associated with one or more organizations, allowing users within that organization to access and use the associated cloudlets to deploy their applications.

  • Organizations that are not associated with a cloudlet pool will not see or have access to those cloudlets.

  • Targeted organizations associated with cloudlet pools may still deploy their applications to public cloudlets or other private cloudlets from other organizations or pools.

Finally, to offer managed edge services to end customers, the platform must provide access to the Telco, allowing the collection of metrics used to detect performance anomalies and institute measures that increase their customer's workloads' operational efficiencies. A list of insights provided by the platform can be found at https://developers.mobiledgex.com/design/testing-and-debugging.