Edge-Cloud Resource Manager Plugin

Learn how edge infrastructures are aggregated across network locations and the various supported iaaS types

MobiledgeX’s Cloudlet Manager Plugin aggregates edge infrastructure across Telco Operator network locations and supports multiple IAAS types. Our Cloudlet Manager Plugin lowers the barrier of entry and makes it easy for Telcos to leverage their existing IAAS network edge infrastructure and offer it as an aggregated, federated cloud resource for developers. The flexibility also enables different infrastructure types, thereby avoiding vendor lock-in, allowing a Telco edge cloud to be independent of the underlying infrastructure to provide a true multi-cloud, multi-vendor, and multi-access edge cloud solution. 

Currently, MobiledgeX offers several deployment models, which meet the needs of the most common Operator edge computing scenarios. Learn more about the different IAAS deployment types and approaches providded by MobiledgeX by reading the guides below.