Product Overview

Learn how telco operators can host network edge infrastructure and offer it to developers to help expedite application development and deployment

MobiledgeX Console and Services offer a platform for Operators to transform, manage, and monetize edge network infrastructure. With our agnostic multi-cloud solutions, Operators can take their existing edge infrastructure and offer it to developers who wish to deploy and run their edge applications. One of the advantages of running applications closer to the edge is to close in on the distance between their time-critical apps and their end-users, thereby, reducing latency that they would otherwise experience within the traditional data path involving the cellular provider, and a cloud service. With just a few steps, Operators can turn their public cloudlets into private cloudlets to allow customers to privately and securely host their applications using dedicated resources--all potentially increasing Operator's monetization. With a host of supported IaaS types, Operators can take advantage of providing the lower barrier of entry for Developers and leverage their existing network edge infrastructure to truly provide a multi-cloud, multi-vendor, and multi-access edge cloud solution.