Getting Started

Begin getting started with the MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud Console

Step 1: Take a minute to register for an account using our tutorial.  Once registered, create your operator organization and assign user roles.

Step 2: Take our platform for a spin. Install Edgebox and test locally without impacting your existing infrastructure. This is a great way to experience our platform and installing only requires 3 lines of code. With EdgeBox, create a cloudlet and then start inviting developers to use it for app deployment.

Step 3: Once you've deployed your live cloudlet, you or other users can now create separate user accounts that you can add to your operator organization with developer privileges. You can repeat the Organizations and Users tutorial in Step 1, this time using a different email and selecting "Developer" instead of "Operator" when creating the new organization. Then you can deploy Docker-ready apps to your Edgebox.

Step 4: After applications are deployed to your cloudlets, use the available monitoring components provide by our platform to obtain invaluable information to quickly mitigate performance issues, determine scalability based on resource needs, and view developer metrics such as app usage, logs, and device connected.

Step 5: Explore other Edge-Cloud features explained further in our documentation. For questions and support, contact [email protected].